How to make the jewelry store decorated more fashionably

In the face of the luxury of jewellery, the jewelry display cabinet must be at the high end of the atmosphere. At the same time, it can not form a gap with the customer experience. It is necessary to close the distance between the jewelry and the consumer, and make the consumer integrate into the luxury atmosphere of the jewelry store and become part of the jewelry store. We all know that jewelry is easy to corrode, so the carrier for jewelry needs to be higher, that is, the production requirements of jewelry showcase is much higher.

Jewelry is very bright, blinking, and the lights on the showcase should be echoed with the light reflected from jewelry. The combination of light and shadow will give people a visual enjoyment. The general display cabinet is the square mostly, and the special-shaped container shelf will change its dull, monotonous image, add the lively line change, let the jewelry store show the curve meaning.

The decoration design of the jewelry store should follow the pace of the times, use the design idea of the novel trend, highlight the theme and personality of the jewelry store, and meet the consumer’s psychological needs for beauty, fashion, comfort, riches and trend in this fast – paced society. Bold and innovative, tailored, baidu decoration design decoration for your design you are satisfied with the picture.

The consumption of the jewelry market is growing

China’s jewelry sales in December 2017 totaled nearly 5 billion dollars, which is nearly 1 billion dollars higher than that in the first half of the year. In fact, the growth of China’s jewelry consumption in recent two years should not be underestimated. According to the data of the related institutions, in 2016, the sales revenue of China’s jewelry manufacturing industry has reached 440 billion 538 million yuan, and the total amount of jewelry consumption in the industry ranks the top in the world. It is estimated that by 2022, the sales revenue of China’s jewelry manufacturing industry will reach 13350 billion yuan, and the prospect is very broad.

The auction house data with the vane of market collection also support this view. For Christie and Sotheby’s January 2018, the sale of jewellery sold for $556 million 700 thousand, $551 million 300 thousand, and more than 10 world records, as well as the Autumn Auctions from the end of November 2017 to the end of December in mainland China, Beijing Kuang, Beijing Pauli, and Sino trade San Jia. The “jewel and jadeite” plate, which has successively fallen behind in China’s garde and Xiling printing society, has increased not only the total amount of products, the categories and the total turnover, but also the turnover of many categories.

Which jewelry is the most popular and attractive prospect in China’s jewelry consumption and collection market? According to the survey, most of the jewels were interested in diamonds, and the most popular ones were jadeite, aquamarine and pearls.

China’s only jewellery research and development base

As one of the best material carriers to express culture and emotion, jewelry is always carrying the important task of expressing the splendid civilization, expressing the prosperous culture and expressing the Chinese dream. “Chinese traditional culture is extensive and profound, and the more powerful the country is, the more confidence we need to demonstrate.” Mr. Lin, the chairman and creative director of the Shenzhen Industry Co., Ltd., said that the jewelry industry, as a branch of the cultural and creative industry, should cherish the precious cultural heritage left by the old ancestor. It is the responsibility of the jeweller and the obligation to inherit and innovate these cultural treasures.

As a family member of the United States, Lin Tianwei has always attached great importance to the absorption and understanding of the essence of traditional culture. From 2010 to the United States, it began to carry out the study of the application of cultural heritage, developed the enamel production line, and introduced the mortise and tenon technology into the “Rose printing Rose D ‘Amour” brand series product “magnificent mosaic”. Home invention patent. At present, the border and the United States have developed the enamel watch series, mortise and mortise and beautiful mosaic series, Peking Opera Face Series, Sichuan Opera Facebook series, lion dance series and many other cultural application projects, shaking the industry and amazing the market.

In March 2017, the Chinese non material cultural heritage protection association and the non material cultural heritage Promotion Association of Guangdong were jointly awarded, and the border and the United States were awarded the plaque of the “intangible cultural heritage (jewelry) R & D base” and the research team of “non material cultural heritage (jewelry) R & D base”, in order to achieve “the non material culture of China”. The great contribution of heritage to the world through jewelry art.

The United States NINE Brand will focus on clothing and jewelry design

The problems faced by nine hee are somewhat similar to that of Daphne and BELLE international in the Chinese market: the channel failure, the aging of the brand, the slow speed of following the tide, and the unattractive style. Nine most of the stores are open in the Department store. In the past, channel traffic is decreasing, and some consumers are turning online to buy shoes. Nine in the United States market rival Aerosoles has filed for bankruptcy in 2017.

Nine is the sports leisure wind impact. More and more women use sports shoes to match clothing, while buying flat shoes or high heels is less likely. “The only bright spot in the shoe market is sneakers and casual shoes,” said SucharitaKodali, a retail analyst at market research firm Forrester. “But nine hee doesn’t sell these.”

Nine launched sports shoes in 2015, but was not successful, it has been the trend of change behind. Also in that year, nine appeared to decline the omen, it Canada dealers filed for bankruptcy.

Founded in 1978, nine hee, at its peak, operates in 57 countries and regions around the world, with more than 7000 sales outlets, with annual sales of up to $1 billion 600 million. But now its stores in the US have all disappeared.

The First international jewelry identification and education institution

According to the introduction, Yunnan is China’s jewelry heavy Town, with rich gem mineral resources and gem stone culture, Yunnan’s jewelry market is also the most famous and active market in the country. In the course of the development of modern jewelry industry, Yunnan needs to supplement the high-end talents of jewelry identification, design and marketing in the process of the development of modern jewelry industry. In order to break through this crux, under the vigorous promotion of the ancient Lang culture in Yunnan, after a year’s trial operation, the Dianchi Institute of Yunnan University, in cooperation with the world’s top jewelry identification institutions such as the international gem Institute and the Belgium diamond high rise parliament, established the Dianchi international gem Center in Kunming. This is the first organization to introduce international jewelry identification and education institutions in Yunnan. It is also the only organization in the western region of China that has the official cooperation of international authoritative jewelry identification and educational institutions. At present, the main functions of international jewelry appraisers are training assessment, international travel studies, scientific research and education, public welfare jewelry, knowledge and culture promotion, etc.

Yang Fengkai, director of Dianchi international gemstone center, has introduced the professional gem identification and design courses at the moment, so that the jewelry profession and enthusiasts can be taught in the same quality of gemstone courses in Kunming with the same quality in the world. In the course of pearl, color gemstone and design, dozens of jewellery professionals from all over the country have taken part in the course and have been well repercussions in the industry.

Next, the Dianchi international gemstone center of Dianchi College of Yunnan University will also invite international and domestic gemstone experts to Yunnan to carry out a series of professional courses in jewellery and public welfare lectures on jewelry culture, and to carry out a tour in various colleges and universities in Yunnan.

Jewelry Shows can Display New Fashion

Jewelry is beautiful, it has gems shining, metal rigid and flexible, creative design, and craftsman’s skill; jewels have become the endorsement of life style, the portrayal of personality style, and the equipment of fashion charm. All contemporary trendsetter become attached to the jewelry, fun jewelry.

The skilled professional manager in the workplace will wear a brooch on the front, and show the gentle heart under his face. At the weekend party, the laughter of the afternoon tea often has a metal bracelet, and the romantic wedding, except for the bride’s dazzling jewels, glittering. In the color of the blessings, the guests also made their jewels, and each of the city’s marathon runners would wear their lucky rings and bravely go to the end; the lovers in their private cars were beautiful to show their lovers to the ring, and those who wore holes in the jeans were keen on the street. The photographed girls will not forget to show their long necklace, and the whole world will be free. They must also sprinkle dog food and show their love on the same chain. It can be seen that jewelry is no longer the setting of the bottom of the box. It is not only a tool for investing in the market, but also a jewel that can not miss the jewel exhibition of idols.

On the 19-22 day of April, the sixteenth Shenzhen international gold jewelry and jade exhibition was upgraded to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

What is the current situation of personalized jewelry customization Market?

Customizing jewelry shows personality, its high production cost and long production cycle are the best embodiment of its specificity, but why is the time consuming and laborious consumer goods being chased by the custom-made jewelry today when the fast food culture becomes the trend of the trend? What is the close connection between the two objects of human and jewelry?

In the 1943 “human motivation theory”, Abraham Maslow, the American psychologist, divided human needs like steps down to high, divided into five kinds according to levels: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect for demand and self realization needs. When people acquire basic physiological needs, security needs and social needs, we must pursue higher levels of respect for needs and self actualization needs.

In terms of goods and services, personalized jewelry customization can greatly trigger users’ feeling of being respected. Personalized customization enables consumers to show themselves according to their preferences, and fully show their personal taste. In the expression of emotion, personalized custom product is no longer a simple commodity, but a special thing that holds people’s aesthetic taste and unique mind.

Sharing Jewelry and the High-end Local Store

To build “China’s biggest jewelry sharing platform” – Dai, since the creation of the brand has been adhering to high quality, many kinds of high quality jewelry to build a treasure house, known by Internet users as “senior jewels do not daily life of the direct car.” In the near future, the brand appeal of “high jewelry daily” is being fulfilled again.

At present, with the first line of Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other front-line cities as the first batch of cooperative experience, Dai formally launched the strategic development plan, “Wan Dian interconnection, advanced sharing”, to push this new advanced jewelry Internet platform into the industry with high-end business models and fashion ideas in each of the major front-line cities. The scope includes dozens of fields, such as real estate, sports, leisure, fashion, Wen Chuang, catering, photography and so on. We jointly own various enterprises with rich retail resources, such as entity service and offline experience, and jointly create a huge luxury sharing platform of “multi format interconnection and full scene sharing”. Within a month, it covers the city of two or three lines.

It is reported that the Jingdong finance has officially launched its strategic cooperation. As the first “senior jewellery sharing brand” in the Jingdong, it is worth looking forward to a real “industry of luxury goods sharing”.