What is the current situation of personalized jewelry customization Market?

Customizing jewelry shows personality, its high production cost and long production cycle are the best embodiment of its specificity, but why is the time consuming and laborious consumer goods being chased by the custom-made jewelry today when the fast food culture becomes the trend of the trend? What is the close connection between the two objects of human and jewelry?

In the 1943 “human motivation theory”, Abraham Maslow, the American psychologist, divided human needs like steps down to high, divided into five kinds according to levels: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect for demand and self realization needs. When people acquire basic physiological needs, security needs and social needs, we must pursue higher levels of respect for needs and self actualization needs.

In terms of goods and services, personalized jewelry customization can greatly trigger users’ feeling of being respected. Personalized customization enables consumers to show themselves according to their preferences, and fully show their personal taste. In the expression of emotion, personalized custom product is no longer a simple commodity, but a special thing that holds people’s aesthetic taste and unique mind.

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