The First international jewelry identification and education institution

According to the introduction, Yunnan is China’s jewelry heavy Town, with rich gem mineral resources and gem stone culture, Yunnan’s jewelry market is also the most famous and active market in the country. In the course of the development of modern jewelry industry, Yunnan needs to supplement the high-end talents of jewelry identification, design and marketing in the process of the development of modern jewelry industry. In order to break through this crux, under the vigorous promotion of the ancient Lang culture in Yunnan, after a year’s trial operation, the Dianchi Institute of Yunnan University, in cooperation with the world’s top jewelry identification institutions such as the international gem Institute and the Belgium diamond high rise parliament, established the Dianchi international gem Center in Kunming. This is the first organization to introduce international jewelry identification and education institutions in Yunnan. It is also the only organization in the western region of China that has the official cooperation of international authoritative jewelry identification and educational institutions. At present, the main functions of international jewelry appraisers are training assessment, international travel studies, scientific research and education, public welfare jewelry, knowledge and culture promotion, etc.

Yang Fengkai, director of Dianchi international gemstone center, has introduced the professional gem identification and design courses at the moment, so that the jewelry profession and enthusiasts can be taught in the same quality of gemstone courses in Kunming with the same quality in the world. In the course of pearl, color gemstone and design, dozens of jewellery professionals from all over the country have taken part in the course and have been well repercussions in the industry.

Next, the Dianchi international gemstone center of Dianchi College of Yunnan University will also invite international and domestic gemstone experts to Yunnan to carry out a series of professional courses in jewellery and public welfare lectures on jewelry culture, and to carry out a tour in various colleges and universities in Yunnan.

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