China’s only jewellery research and development base

As one of the best material carriers to express culture and emotion, jewelry is always carrying the important task of expressing the splendid civilization, expressing the prosperous culture and expressing the Chinese dream. “Chinese traditional culture is extensive and profound, and the more powerful the country is, the more confidence we need to demonstrate.” Mr. Lin, the chairman and creative director of the Shenzhen Industry Co., Ltd., said that the jewelry industry, as a branch of the cultural and creative industry, should cherish the precious cultural heritage left by the old ancestor. It is the responsibility of the jeweller and the obligation to inherit and innovate these cultural treasures.

As a family member of the United States, Lin Tianwei has always attached great importance to the absorption and understanding of the essence of traditional culture. From 2010 to the United States, it began to carry out the study of the application of cultural heritage, developed the enamel production line, and introduced the mortise and tenon technology into the “Rose printing Rose D ‘Amour” brand series product “magnificent mosaic”. Home invention patent. At present, the border and the United States have developed the enamel watch series, mortise and mortise and beautiful mosaic series, Peking Opera Face Series, Sichuan Opera Facebook series, lion dance series and many other cultural application projects, shaking the industry and amazing the market.

In March 2017, the Chinese non material cultural heritage protection association and the non material cultural heritage Promotion Association of Guangdong were jointly awarded, and the border and the United States were awarded the plaque of the “intangible cultural heritage (jewelry) R & D base” and the research team of “non material cultural heritage (jewelry) R & D base”, in order to achieve “the non material culture of China”. The great contribution of heritage to the world through jewelry art.

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