"First say
to yourself
what you
would be;
and then
do what
you have
to do."

FAQs and Distinctions

We've provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about coaching:

  • What is Coaching?
  • Are There different Kinds of Coaching?
  • How Does Coaching Work?
  • Is Coaching Just for People or Organizations with Problems?
  • Isn't a Coach Like Having a Counselor?
  • How Long Does Coaching Take?
  • Do Coaches Do More Than Just Talk to You?
  • How Much Does Coaching Cost?
  • Is Coaching Confidential?
  • Is Coaching for Everyone?
  • Does Coaching Ever "Not Work?"
  • How do I Know if I am Ready for a Coach?
  • How do I Find the Right Coach?
  • Why Should I Contact InterLink T & C, LLC?
Coaching Glossary

Coaching has a vocabulary all its own. We provide basic definitions that you may find helpful to your "coaching education."

Recommended Reading

We have listed some of our favorite books for both an understanding of coaching and personal growth. A link is also provided to Barnes & Noble, where you may purchase any of these books online.

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