Is Your Life in Balance?

Personally speaking, I have found that those who have goals and dreams for business success and achievement are very susceptible to a life out of balance - heavy on the business side and very weak on the personal side. Life balance awareness should be part of the leader who wants to remain healthy. Coaches are trained and skilled in detecting life's imbalances in their clients, perhaps even before the client has become aware of it themselves.

Our life work is certainly a large part of our lives, but there must be more. To lead healthy, productive lives we must achieve balance in work, family, recreation and rest, community and spiritual areas. The executive who devotes a majority of time and thought to his/her career will pay a heavy price in other areas of life. Eventually, this imbalance will also begin to weight down the pace of advancement and performance at work.

So how is balance achieved? Each of us must learn to analyze our own needs. Those with families will have a greater need for time allotments in this area than the single person. The ideal balance is the one that works for you. Remove others' ideas about balance and concentrate on what is right for you. Learn to chart your own reality, and make adjustments along the way to maintain your own healthy balance in life.

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