"There is
    something that is
    much more scarce,
    something rarer
    than ability. It is
    the ability to
    recognize ability."

    --Robert Half

What Others Are Saying
"Linda was my coach for a period of intense work. I appreciated her focus, perspective, and clear, direct approach. I felt well understood...she was able to facilitate such wonderful exploration..."

J.H.S. - Entrepreneur

"I found Linda to be insightful, supportive and lots of fun. She has a way of cutting through the detritus and getting right to the heart of a matter..."

J.C., Ph.D. - National Speaker

"[Linda Miller's] coaching has made the most significant and visible difference in how I operate and what I get done of anything I have ever attempted....It has given me a whole new confidence..."

R.N. - Software industry

"As a personal and business coach, Linda has been most helpful...she taught me how to organize my business...she treated me as an individual, not just another client....I appreciated her willingness to give me so much more than I ever bargained for in terms of time, rich wisdom, and action assignments."


"Linda's coaching is what made the difference in these developments (new business launch). She is effective, insightful, and fun to work with, has a broad range of interests, and does a great job of being accessible and adaptable."

K.D.F. - Business Writer

"I have enjoyed a long relationship with Linda Miller....she is an excellent coach. She demonstrates 'the edge,' is a model of the work in her own life, and has a keen eye for human dynamics."

L.B.F. - Certified Mentor Coach, Author

"Linda Miller is exceptional. Her genuineness really modeled the foundation for relating, as well as her style as a coach and a teleclass leader. The impact (of this class) was very strong...I attained my goals...and have now set new ones."

S.S. - Entrepreneur

"It's amazing what I have accomplished in the past few weeks. Knowing that you are there every week has been just what I've needed...thanks for your challenging, knowledgeable edgy coaching!!"

G.V. - Entrepreneur

"The coaching I have received from Linda Miller has been invaluable, and the benefits remarkable. Linda has challenged me to shift from being a manager to leader within our business. The coaching she provided was done with honesty, accountability and compassion."

P.S. - Technology Industry

"I have been privileged to have participated in training sessions and coaching that Linda Miller has conducted. Coaching has been an invaluable experience and has transformed my capacity to lead to a new level. Linda helps me cut to the heart of issues and develop unique solutions for the challenges ahead. I've had a paradigm shift in my approach toward problem solving and management issues."

A.L. - President, International Ministry

"As a participant in 'The Coaching Clinic Train-the Trainer' class, I had the privilege of experiencing Linda Miller's engaging speaking style - one that masterfully elicits full attention and participation from her audience. During the course of the week-long training, she demonstrated both content and delivery expertise. I was most impressed by her ability to lead the attendees in internalizing the class material, customizing the messages to fit their own speaking style and challenging them to deliver...to their audiences in a masterful way as well."

J.C. - Senior Organization Coach, Computer Industry

"Linda Miller was featured....on KING 5 in a great coaching segment....I applaud (Linda) for being a magnificent, professional standard bearer for us all."

N.R., Entrepreneur

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