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Sharing Jewelry and the High-end Local Store

To build “China’s biggest jewelry sharing platform” – Dai, since the creation of the brand has been adhering to high quality, many kinds of high quality jewelry to build a treasure house, known by Internet users as “senior jewels do not daily life of the direct car.” In the near future, the brand appeal of “high jewelry daily” is being fulfilled again.

At present, with the first line of Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other front-line cities as the first batch of cooperative experience, Dai formally launched the strategic development plan, “Wan Dian interconnection, advanced sharing”, to push this new advanced jewelry Internet platform into the industry with high-end business models and fashion ideas in each of the major front-line cities. The scope includes dozens of fields, such as real estate, sports, leisure, fashion, Wen Chuang, catering, photography and so on. We jointly own various enterprises with rich retail resources, such as entity service and offline experience, and jointly create a huge luxury sharing platform of “multi format interconnection and full scene sharing”. Within a month, it covers the city of two or three lines.

It is reported that the Jingdong finance has officially launched its strategic cooperation. As the first “senior jewellery sharing brand” in the Jingdong, it is worth looking forward to a real “industry of luxury goods sharing”.