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Jewelry Shows can Display New Fashion

Jewelry is beautiful, it has gems shining, metal rigid and flexible, creative design, and craftsman’s skill; jewels have become the endorsement of life style, the portrayal of personality style, and the equipment of fashion charm. All contemporary trendsetter become attached to the jewelry, fun jewelry.

The skilled professional manager in the workplace will wear a brooch on the front, and show the gentle heart under his face. At the weekend party, the laughter of the afternoon tea often has a metal bracelet, and the romantic wedding, except for the bride’s dazzling jewels, glittering. In the color of the blessings, the guests also made their jewels, and each of the city’s marathon runners would wear their lucky rings and bravely go to the end; the lovers in their private cars were beautiful to show their lovers to the ring, and those who wore holes in the jeans were keen on the street. The photographed girls will not forget to show their long necklace, and the whole world will be free. They must also sprinkle dog food and show their love on the same chain. It can be seen that jewelry is no longer the setting of the bottom of the box. It is not only a tool for investing in the market, but also a jewel that can not miss the jewel exhibition of idols.

On the 19-22 day of April, the sixteenth Shenzhen international gold jewelry and jade exhibition was upgraded to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.