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The United States NINE Brand will focus on clothing and jewelry design

The problems faced by nine hee are somewhat similar to that of Daphne and BELLE international in the Chinese market: the channel failure, the aging of the brand, the slow speed of following the tide, and the unattractive style. Nine most of the stores are open in the Department store. In the past, channel traffic is decreasing, and some consumers are turning online to buy shoes. Nine in the United States market rival Aerosoles has filed for bankruptcy in 2017.

Nine is the sports leisure wind impact. More and more women use sports shoes to match clothing, while buying flat shoes or high heels is less likely. “The only bright spot in the shoe market is sneakers and casual shoes,” said SucharitaKodali, a retail analyst at market research firm Forrester. “But nine hee doesn’t sell these.”

Nine launched sports shoes in 2015, but was not successful, it has been the trend of change behind. Also in that year, nine appeared to decline the omen, it Canada dealers filed for bankruptcy.

Founded in 1978, nine hee, at its peak, operates in 57 countries and regions around the world, with more than 7000 sales outlets, with annual sales of up to $1 billion 600 million. But now its stores in the US have all disappeared.